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The OHA has recently started to send out Quarterly Electronic Newsletters by email to our extensive Email directory. 

We will provide copies of the newsletters in this area of the website for reference and for people who aren't registered to receive them by email.


NEW! March 2016 Newsletter: http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/542.pdf


If you would like to receive copies of future newsletters please click here

Past copies of the Quarterly Electronic Newsletter

August 2015 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/499.pdf

March 2015 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/452.pdf

August 2014 newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/364.pdf

December 2013 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/279.pdf

June 2013 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/206.pdf

January 2013 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/143.pdf

September 2012 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/96.pdf

May 2012 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/147.pdf

January 2012 Newsletter : http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/148.pdf

August 2011 Newsletter: http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/51.pdf

May 2011 Newsletter :  http://oldhabs.com/files/newsletter/47.pdf

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